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No Bones About It: Alum Graziano ’13 and His Pug Are Trending

screen shot of Instagram post and video still of graziano petting a pug in a dog bed
Noodle is also quite popular on Instagram.

Alumnus Jonathan Graziano ’13 and his TikTok star pug, Noodle, were featured on NPR and in the Boston Globe (and were trending on Twitter) this week for Noodle’s miraculous ability to tell his millions of followers whether or not they should have gotten out of bed on a given morning.

Noodle, 13 and very chill, predicts what kind of day it’s going to be either by remaining upright when Graziano hoists him up from his dog bed (“bones day”) or by flopping over like a sack of potatoes (“no bones day”). A “no bones day” means whatever it was you were thinking of doing, don’t bother.

“Sometimes we just have no bones mornings, and that’s okay. You just roll with it, because that’s what Noodle does. He’s 13 and he might have a few more no bones mornings than would have last year, but that’s okay. Because we all have a little more no bones mornings than we would have two years ago,” Graziano, a Marketing Communication grad, told the Globe.

According to the Globe, “on Monday #bonesday trended on Twitter. On TikTok, the hashtag #NoBones has over 180 million views, while #BonesDay has a measly 46 million views in comparison. #NoodleTok has over 96million views. On Friday, a Twitter account dedicated to tracking the beloved dog’s readings, @NoodlesBonesDay, materialized, and has already amassed over 20,000 followers.” 

Bones day? Read the NPR story.

No bones day? Read the Globe.

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