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Dr. Steinberg on Power of “Sweet Caroline” Song: New York Times

Dr. Charles Steinberg, director of the College’s sports communication program and president of the Worcester Red Sox, spoke to the New York Times about Neil Diamond’s 1969 hit “Sweet Caroline,” which is experiencing a resurgence overseas, at the Euro 2020 soccer tournament at England’s Wembley Stadium.

While it has historically been popular in Northern Ireland and England, fans really showed their affection for it in 2019 when the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees played in London, said Wembley D.J. Tony Perry.

The song took hold at Fenway Park in 2002, when then new executive vice president of public affairs for the Boston Red Sox Dr. Steinberg had the tune placed in the regular rotation at the ballpark. He recollects saying then:

That song may have transformative powers. It may be able to take a melancholy crowd and lift its spirits higher.

Read the New York Times article.

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