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Boston Globe Highlights Rae Shaw’s New Series “Black Kung Fu Chick”

Visual and Media Arts assistant professor Rae Shaw’s new series, “Black Kung Fu Chick,” debuted at the Slamdance Film Festival earlier this year, and Shaw recently shared the inspiration for the series and the concept with the Boston Globe.

“Black Kung Fu Chick” is a series about young female action hero that inspires young women of color through martial arts, filmed and set in South Los Angeles.

The project was also supported greatly through Emerson – “I’ve witnessed that Black women have had mobility when they work with institutions,” said Shaw, who previously worked as an instructor at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. “It was part of the reason I came to Emerson. I was able to apply for grants that helped to fund the projects that I could not get off the ground, even after crowdfunding.”

In addition, alumni contributed to the production and creation of promotional material.

Young Black women struggle with this idea of balancing a lot of the obligations and needs that their community might have with their own individual desires and dreams that they’re trying to sell, said Shaw. That’s what ‘Black Kung Fu Chick’ explores.

Read the Boston Globe piece.

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