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Off-Campus Student Baseline and Semester Testing Update

This information regarding testing is for any off-campus student participating in any hybrid/flex courses on the Boston campus for Spring 2021. Please read carefully!

Spring 2021 Baseline and Semester Testing

You may now begin scheduling your Spring semester testing times. You will notice in the appointment app, it will allow you to book your baseline test on any day of the week leading up to February 1. When looking at any date after February 1, your booking times will only show the days for your cohort. You may book any times within those days for testing moving forward until the end of the semester.

Baseline Testing Next Steps

The testing site has extended hours throughout this weekend. Please check the app for dates and times.

I have not yet received any baseline test through Emerson: You should schedule two baseline tests between today and February 1 on the Emerson App, or through the Emerson testing site. You will then begin your regular cohort testing on the week of February 1. Please schedule all appointments on the app or at

I have received at least one baseline test via the Emerson testing site: You should schedule one more baseline test for next week, between January 25 and February 1, to be in compliance with baseline testing. You will then begin your regular cohort testing on the week of February 1. Please schedule all appointments on the app or at

I am not returning to campus until after February 1: You will still need two baseline tests before being able to attend in-person flex classes. You will do this by following your cohort schedule. For example: If you arrive on February 1 and you selected the Monday/Wednesday cohort, you should schedule a test on Monday, February 1, and Wednesday, February 3. Once you receive your second negative test, you will be able to attend in-person classes and continue testing weekly. Please schedule all appointments on the app or at

Testing FAQs

Q: I was not able to set up my testing cohort. What do I do?
A: Anyone who was not able to sign up for a testing cohort was put into a cohort automatically. You will see the cohort when you log in to the Emerson App for appointments.

Q: What cohort am I in?
A: You can see your cohort when you log in to the Emerson App under “appointment booking” or at

Q: How do I change my cohort?
A: If you are looking to change your cohort, please email Please note that at this time, we are not able to accommodate a change in testing cohort, but we will look at each request as soon as we are able to accommodate changes.

Q: I need to schedule a testing appointment for a different day than my typical cohort day. What do I do?
A: Please email so we can work to accommodate if an exception can be made.

Q: Will my student ID deactivate if my tests are farther than two or three days apart?
A: Access to the campus for students participating in hybrid/flex courses is tied to your successful completion of weekly COVID-19 testing. Should you not be in compliance, you will be notified if there is an impact to your campus access. If you have concerns about this, please contact

Q: What is the difference between baseline testing and weekly testing?
A: Baseline testing is how we rebuild the community bubble at Emerson when students are returning to Boston from winter break. All students need two negative baseline tests prior to attending in-person flex classes. Weekly testing refers to the two tests you take per week throughout the Spring semester (in cohorts) following February 1.

Q: What if I cannot book my two baseline tests prior to February 1?
A: We understand that this may be a challenge for some in extenuating circumstances. You will be unable to attend in-person classes until you receive two negative results through the Emerson testing site at Tufts Medical Center. Please contact your professors and explain when you are testing and when you will be able to be in-person. You will need to follow your cohort testing assignment for baseline tests when you arrive.

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