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Emerson Poll: 70 Percent of Americans Worried About Catching COVID-19

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A new Emerson College/Nexstar National Poll finds that while 70 percent of respondents are very worried or somewhat worried that they or an immediate family member may be infected with the novel coronavirus, a larger percentage of respondents reported being very concerned about their personal finances than their personal health.

The poll of 1,100 registered Democratic, Republican, and Independent voters was conducted March 18-19. 

A plurality (42 percent) of those polled said they are very concerned about their personal finances, 36 percent are somewhat concerned, and 33 percent not so concerned. Regarding their personal health, 26 percent are very concerned, 41 percent are somewhat concerned, and 25 percent, not so concerned. 

The poll also gauged voters’ feelings on President Trump’s handling of the pandemic, the United States’ efforts to prevent the virus’ spread, feelings about a hypothetical coronavirus vaccine, and the Democratic primary. 

For more detailed findings, along with methodology and margin of error, visit Emerson Polling

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