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Pop-Up Art Gallery in Downtown Boston Created by Alumnus Sam Fish

From being part of the Emerson College’s E3 program, Sam Fish ’15, knows that to be a successful entrepreneur you have to take risks. As the founder and creator of EXIT Galleries, his risk has been rewarded.

After transferring in, Fish majored in Marketing Communication, and benefitted from the E3 program, which is a yearlong immersive program for budding entrepreneurs that teaches students how to build and launch a new business venture.

EXIT Galleries is is popping in Boston’s Downtown Crossing neighborhood through September, and has been in two other locations in the Greater Boston area.

EXIT’s mission is to “strengthen the creative scene” by activating “art portals (ways out) around the city,” and utilize the do-it-yourself ethos from “taking inspiration from skateboarding and the street.”

Read more about EXIT Galleries.

The following video was made by Dalton Pate ’20 and Paul O’Mara ’20 for the Office of Alumni Relations and Emerson College Alumni Association.

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