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Video: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Screenwriter Adele Lim Encourages Students to Adopt ‘Fearlessness’

As the keynote speaker for the 2019 New England Graduate Media Symposium, Adele Lim ’96, who was the screenwriter for “Crazy Rich Asians,” spoke to students about what it takes to be a successful TV writer.

Lim talked about how some writers “hole themselves up in a little room” while trying to craft the perfect script or book. “It is never going to be a perfect thing,” said Lim with moderator Maria Agui Carter, Assistant Professor for the Department of Visual & Media Arts.

She encouraged writers to push through any apprehension that may be stopping them.

“You can paralyze yourself with fear, and you know, no good thing comes from being paralyzed with fear. You have to adopt this fearlessness when it comes to your writing,” said Lim.

The symposium was held at Emerson College in March.

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