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You Should Follow These 13 Emerson College Twitter Handles

President Lee Pelton warns of the things we miss if we live too much in a “heads down” (digital) world during his 2018 Emerson Commencement Valedictory speech. That’s sage advice, but we bet he’d want you to follow these Emerson Twitter accounts. File photo/Derek Palmer
By David Ertischek ’01

Looking for info on how to find a job, how to de-stress with puppies, or the EVVYs submissions date? Like to eat doughnuts? If so, you’ll want to follow these 13 Emerson College Twitter handles.

There are many Twitter handles that focus on the purple and gold. This list doesn’t include individual school department accounts or specific majors like the Comedic Arts Program (also worth following because, you know, it’s funny), the School of Communication or Emerson’s Esports feed.

We’re also not including Emerson College Today’s Twitter handle (ahem@EmersonCollNews) which led alum Henry Winkler to declare his love for Emerson. Here are a baker’s dozen of informative, inspiring and humorous Twitter handles:



If you were only allowed to follow one Emerson College twitter handle (which would be weird), then this is the one you’d want to follow. It’s verified. You don’t get verified if you’re not the real deal. This is a super active handle with more than 15,000 tweets and close to 23,000 followers. The tweets are all over the place, including what Emerson students and alumni are working on, Bright Lights screenings, ArtsEmerson happenings, registration info and everything else in the Emerson College universe.



The college’s paper of record since 1947, The Berkeley Beacon, is an independently-minded, student-run newspaper like none other. Countless journalists cut their teeth in the pages (web and/or print) of the Beacon with hard-hitting reporting, interesting features, sports coverage and everything else under the Emerson sun. The Beacon has a sizable staff that many modern newsrooms would envy, and they’ve all got a hand in chronicling the college.



Emerson’s Career Development Center delivers daily tweets to help students prepare for the real world by providing info about off-campus internships and job opportunities. Info on resumes being sought for careers at NBC Universal, Viacom and CBS are just a few items shared in recent weeks. Want a job? Want an internship? Follow this handle.



The Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services provides articles on how to destress (which sometimes includes events with puppies!), how to prioritize, how to help a loved one to seek help and there’s also #WellnessWednesday.



This is where you need to get the lowdown about Emerson College’s vaunted Quidditch team, which went to Nationals this past April! Maybe you’ve seen them practicing or playing on the Boston Common? As they remind us in their Twitter bio: “We don’t fly. We don’t THINK we fly. We play Quidditch!”



This is your spot to know everything about the nation’s largest student-run multi-camera awards show. When are submissions being taken (now through March 3)? When are auditions to host (Sorry, it already happened. Better luck next year?)? What positions are available to work at the EVVYs? Also, mark your calendars — the Gala for the 38th Annual EVVY Awards will be on April 14, 2019, and the awards will be on May 10, 2019.



This is the handle run by Emerson’s Student Government Association (for the undergrads). Here you’ll find info on SGA elections, election results and meetings. Also, they want you to tweet questions and ideas for how they can best serve you.



Emerson’s WERS radio station often gets more of the attention, but WECB is the underground sound of Emerson College streaming 24/7 at WECB’s twitter handle shares staff reviews of music and interviews, info on WECB shows, open mics, dances and more.



This is the official twitter for the Emerson Sports Channel (ESC) and you’re going to see “tomorrow’s sports announcers today” with youtube links to ESC programs like The Upset. You’ll see videos of intramural dodgeball, wrap-ups of Emerson teams’ seasons, and info about games are posted the day of the game with links to streaming coverage.



We’ve got Emerson Channel Sports providing the coverage, and this is the Athletics Department’s own handle featuring the hashtag #hearusroar. You’ll find info and coverage about all of Emerson’s teams with game results, players of the week, links and videos to game recaps and game day info.



This is Emerson LA’s staff tweeting about with, of course, a focus on our LA program. There is info about career fairs in Los Angeles, congratulations wished to alumni, coverage of Emerson LA events and more.



This is Emerson’s Off-Campus Students Services recommending podcasts to listen to during your commute on its Daily Commute blog, info on announcements, events, giveaways, and of course, MBTA info.



Did we save the best for last? This is Emerson College’s Police Department. Thankfully our campus cops aren’t a stoic, no-fun bunch. Their Twitter feed proves it. Yes, there are community advisories about things like parades (championships, holidays, et al), but there are also jokes about why it’s not preferable to have 666 Twitter followers and invitations to free doughnuts!


This is just a partial list of Emerson College twitter handles. What did we miss? Let us know by emailing

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