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5 things to know about Emerson Los Angeles

The clock is ticking. In just 52 days, the new Emerson College Los Angeles will open its doors in the heart of Hollywood to 130 Emerson students looking to enhance their education in the arts, entertainment, and communication fields. Students will take advantage of valuable hands-on experience from industry leaders, and get to have fun while they’re at it.

LA building

The view of Emerson College Los Angeles on an evening in early November 2013. Construction is expected to be completed in December, and students are scheduled to move in January 12, 2014. (Photo by Cara Ostrow '13)

Want to learn more about ELA? Here are five things you should know:

1. Students are matched for internships with more than 80 different companies across LA.

Emerson has forged relationships with more than 80 LA-based companies in the entertainment and communication industries over the past two decades, allowing for internships with major film and television studios such as NBC and Disney to smaller, independent production offices such as Playtone Company, which is co-owned by award-winning actor Tom Hanks. “I hear Emerson is so present in that office that Mr. Hanks doesn’t ask where students are going to school; he just knows,” said Larry Caldwell, internship coordinator for Emerson Los Angeles.


Tom Hanks

2. ELA has multiple state-of-the-art facilities.

To keep in step with industry standards, ELA has the newest technology in its Audio Mixing Suite, Executive Screening Room, and Distance Learning Classroom.

executive screening room

An artist's rendering of the Executive Screening Room.

The 7.1 Dolby surround sound post-production mixing suite uses two additional audio channels—it’s like watching videos in a small movie theater.

The Executive Screening Room has a 4K-resolution projector to view student projects and professional pieces.

On the second floor, the Distance Learning Classroom connects Emerson Los Angeles students to people all over the world through two-way video conferencing.

3. The fifth floor of the center has an outdoor terrace.

Outdoor Terrace

An artist's rendering of the outdoor terrace.

Two bridges connect the residential towers to the fifth floor, where there are trees, a fire pit, and a barbecue grill for students, faculty, and staff to use. The outdoor terrace evokes the feeling of being in a park while surrounded by Hollywood. (Did we mention you can see the Hollywood sign from the center?)


4. There are four restaurants on the same block as ELA.

Delancey’s, Tamarind Avenue Deli, Mission Cantina, and Twins Sliders are all owned by Bowery Street Enterprises and offer a wide selection of food at a price comparable to Rock Bottom or P.F. Chang’s in Boston.


The view of Delancey’s pizzeria next to the Emerson College Los Angeles center on Sunset Boulevard. (Photo by Cara Ostrow '13)

Delancey’s is a pizzeria and bar with brick-lined walls and outdoor patios that provide a laid-back atmosphere for a late-night gourmet pie. 


Pizza featured on Delancey’s pizzeria's website. 

Right behind Delancey’s is Tamarind Avenue Deli, a sandwich shop perfect for a lunch break, which offers homemade Italian dressing and generous serving sizes.

Then there’s the Mission Cantina, a Mexican restaurant and bar with daily specials including some tempting $1 Taco Tuesdays.

Taco Tues

Taco Tuesdays displayed outside Mission Cantina. (Photo by Cara Ostrow '13)

Finally, for a quick take-out meal, the old-fashioned Twins Sliders has both chicken and cheeseburger sliders.

5. ELA has a helicopter pad.


It’s true. There is a helicopter pad on the center’s roof. It’s unlikely that any Emerson students will be allowed to park their own private helicopters on it, though. The pad is reserved for use by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The Los Angeles Municipal Code states that all new buildings of a certain size must have an emergency helicopter pad. That’s why there are so many flat-topped buildings on the Los Angeles skyline.

Learn more about Emerson College Los Angeles and The Future Has Your Name On It! campaign.

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