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International symposium to meet at Kasteel Well


An exceptional panel of more than 20 international scholars specializing in Netherlandish art and cultural history, from varying academic disciplines, will meet at Kasteel Well, Emerson’s facility in the Netherlands, for a two–day international symposium December 17–18.

The symposium will explore the topic of migration and cultural transmission of Dutch artists from 1400 to 1750. All participants are renowned specialists in their particular fields, which include history of science and philosophy, general history, literary history, and art history.

The purpose of the symposium is for the participants to present a synopsis of their own articles for criticism and group discussions. The results will be published in the Netherlands Yearbook for History and Art.

The event is being organized by Dulcia Meijers, executive director of Kasteel Well; Joanna Woodall, professor at The Courtauld Institute of London; and Frits Scholten, senior curator, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

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Kasteel Well

Emerson's Kasteel Well in the Netherlands will host an international symposium December 17-18, 2012.

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