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Supporting Our Community: Available Resources and Assistance

Dear Emerson Community,

This past week has presented significant challenges that have affected all of us deeply. The recent arrests at the encampment are not merely numbers; they are individual students, classmates, friends, peers, loved ones. Without a doubt, this is a profoundly difficult moment for our community.

As the academic year draws to a close, we recognize that many of you may find this time particularly stressful, compounded further by recent events. We want to assure you that Campus Life and the Division of Student Affairs are committed to supporting every student impacted. Whether you were directly involved in the protests, affected by the aftermath, or facing emotional, financial, or academic difficulties, our doors are open to you.

Lost Items: Staff were able to collect and save some of the items left behind in the alleyway from April 25. If you are missing an item that you may have left behind, please go to 172 Tremont St. and inquire about it. Items will be stored in 172 Tremont until 12pm (noon) on Friday, May 3.

Available Support Services:

Uwill is a support service that is independent of Emerson Wellness Center. Uwill provides free and immediate access to teletherapy and 24/7 support via the Uwill app or by calling 833-434-1217.

  • Student Care and Support: Assists students experiencing personal, academic, or other challenges, providing support in navigating and connecting to resources. This office can be contacted at 617-824-8650 or via email at
  • Office of Student Success: Assists students facing academic or financial challenges. For support navigating campus resources and connecting with services, call 617-824-8650 or email
  • Healing and Advocacy: Offers confidential, advocacy-based counseling for individuals affected by power-based interpersonal violence. Contact this office at 617-824-8857 or via email at for support and education aimed at fostering community change.
  • Intercultural Student Affairs: Provides resources and support at the Cultural Center, located at 172 Tremont Street, Room 406. For more information, email
  • International Student Affairs: Provides support for international students and students who are not yet U.S. citizens, including outlining referrals to legal counsel knowledgeable in immigration and criminal law. Contact OISA staff on Walker 10th floor or by email at
  • Center for Spiritual Life: A multifaith resource offering religious and spiritual programming, personal support, and educational events designed to cultivate an inclusive environment for faith and spirituality. Christian, Jewish, and Muslim chaplains are available, and are open to speaking with and supporting members of every faith and those who do not adhere to any faith tradition. For individual support or information about our programs, call 617-824-8036 or email

Share A Concern

If you are concerned about a community member’s behavior or need, please complete the online Share a Concern Form to ensure they receive appropriate support.

If you feel like you have been targeted based on your identity, please reach out to the Office of Equal Opportunity ( to discuss your experience, support resources, and what options may be available to address your concerns.  

As we navigate these challenging times, let’s draw from the supportive resources  available to us. We encourage everyone to take care of themselves, to reach out and utilize resources, and to support one another as we work towards healing and understanding.

Take good care,
Campus Life at Emerson College

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