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Fraternity offers networking reception for students

Students will have the chance to hobnob with television, film, radio, and marketing industry professionals Friday (September 30) at a networking event called Brick by Brick: Building Emerson, Building Your Career. The reception will be held 5:00–7:00 pm
in the Bordy Theater and Auditorium at 216 Tremont Street. Light refreshments will be served.

Emerson alumni brothers of the fraternity Alpha Pi Theta, in town to celebrate the fraternity’s 65th anniversary, will be in attendance and are co-sponsoring the event. Brothers planning to come include a comedian who works for The Late Show with David Letterman, a Dateline producer, a producer/director of an Emmy-nominated documentary, and many others.

“If one Emerson student walks through the door, hangs out with the brothers, and walks away feeling like they’ve made a connection, we’ll be happy,” said Bruce Fowler ’82, an Alpha Pi Theta brother who helped organize the event. “There’s nothing better for a college student than to be able to talk to some mentors.”

Other Emerson Alpha Pi Theta brothers who are unable to attend the Brick by Brick event include actor Henry Winkler ’67; executive producer of America’s Funniest Home Videos Vin Di Bona ’66; and John Vesey ’82, owner of Beehive, Inc, a multidisciplinary design studio.

Alpha Pi Theta is a social fraternity with goals of brotherhood, love, and trust. The brothers have carried on that tradition through their spirit, enthusiasm, and dedication to the College. The brotherhood is actively concerned with the welfare of the fraternity and of the College and sponsors various social events on campus.

Besides Alpha Pi Theta, the offices of Career Services and Alumni Relations are also sponsoring the event.

For more information on Alpha Pi Theta, contact Jason Bornfield. For information on Brick by Brick, contact Career Services.

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