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Photos and Video: 43rd EVVY Awards Went Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  • Several people on stage by the microphone
  • Performers on stage
  • Performers on stage
  • Performers on stage
  • A cameraman
  • Three people perform on stage
  • One person on stage
  • Two people talking by a microphone on stage
  • Several people excitedly stand up clapping in the audience
  • A woman holds an award while talking on stage at the microphone
  • A person is very excited and is holding a friend
  • A person accepts an award
  • Performers performing on stage
  • One person holds an award while sitting with two other people by them
  • A woman talks on stage
  • A person stands in the audience while embracing herself
  • Several people with headsets in the control room
  • Two people behind the scenes in a darkly lit room
  • A person accepts an award while placing their hand on their chest
  • People in the video control room
  • The Cutler Majestic Theatre stage
  • A person speaks on stage while holding the microphone
  • A person raises their arm in triumph while accepting an award
  • Entertainers perform on stage
  • Entertainers perform on stage while locking arms with each other
  • A person talks by the microphone while accepting an award
  • A person holds up their hands in the air while talking at the microphone on stage
  • A person smiles on stage
  • A performer performs
  • Numerous people on stage accepting an award
  • Two people talk at the microphone

The 43rd Annual EVVY Awards kicked off with co-host Caroline Reese ’24 following the yellow brick road (of Beacon Hill) to the Cutler Majestic Theatre.

Reese starred in a beautifully produced pre-recorded Wizard of Oz parody that also featured co-hosts Asa Dupras ’25 as the Scarecrow, and Steven Dias as the Tin Man.

After the skit, Emerson College’s longest-running awards show, held Friday, May 10 at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, swung into a classic Broadway musical act.

Check out the entire EVVY Awards show on YouTube, a photo gallery by Chris McIntosh (below), and read about Alumni Board member David Breen’s contributions to the EVVY Awards.

Photos by Chris McIntosh

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