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WLP Senior Writing Award & Academy of American Poets Prize 2024 Winners

The following is a list of the Writing, Literature & Publishing Department undergraduate students who received awards. Congratulations to everyone! Keep writing!

2024 Senior Writing Awards


High Distinction: Karina Jha, “Mice in a Matchbox”

Distinction: Leïssa Romulus, “my mother’s breath”

Honorable Mention: Eden Aphrodite Unger, “Angel of Lesbos”

Honorable Mention: Abigail Langmead, “golem”


High Distinction: Gyasi Asim, “Strong/Frozen”

Distinction: Cindy Tran, “Losing Altitude”

Honorable Mention: Shehrbano Hasan, “Provoking a Dog”

Honorable Mention: Abigail Langmead, “Repetitions”


High Distinction: Cindy Tran, “Dial Tone”

Distinction: Hadera McKay, “Are Dark-Skinned Women Unlovable in the World of Queen Charlotte?”

Honorable Mention: Virginia Clarke, “Fourteen”

Critical Literary Essay:

Distinction: Hadera McKay, “The Harlem Dancer”

2024 Academy of American Poets College Prize

Award Winner: Annalisa Hansford, “Abecedarian for My Future Lover”

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