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More Than 100 Students Honored for Academic Excellence in Gold Key Ceremony

  • A student in short sleeved pink shirt, with long hair and glasses, takes a gold sash from a person in a black floral dress
  • African American man wearing orange turtleneck, navy jacket, glasses smiles at podium, words Gold Key Honor Society projected behind him
  • Student wearing gold academic sash holds certificate as friend stands next to him holding ceremony program. The students stand next to a podium reading Emerson College behind a bouquet of flowers
  • Two students wearing jackets hold up certificates featuring purple Emerson flourish
  • person in red blouse holds stack of certificates as student with long straight hair, wearing pink jacked with feather-trimmed sleeves smiles and takes a certficate. Students line up behind
  • woman with short grey hair, wearing glasses and a white jacket, shakes hands with faculty member crossing the stage wearing a navy blue sweater, glasses, and a military style haircut.
  • Two students, one white, one of color, hold certificates in a hallway
  • White man with grey hair, wearing a blue and green argyle sweater and navy blazer gesticulates at a podium.
  • White man with beard in white shirt, black jacket, glasses stands on stage at podium behind large bouquet of flowers, row of people seated on chairs beside him

All photos by Sami Ahmad ’22

One hundred and four seniors and juniors recently were inducted into the Gold Key Honor Society in a ceremony on Wednesday, April 3, in the Semel Theater.

To qualify, a student must be either a junior or senior, with no fewer than 48 credits earned at Emerson. Inductees are those juniors in the top 5 percent of their class, and seniors (including seniors inducted in their junior year) in the top 10 percent of their class.

Students were recognized alongside this year’s winners of Emerson’s three faculty awards: Performing Arts Professor Scott Pinkney (Helaine and Stanley Miller Award for Outstanding Teaching), Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies affiliated faculty member Ellie Beargeon (Alan L. Stanzler Award for Excellence in Teaching), and Marketing Communication Senior Executive-in-Residence Jae Williams (Alumni Award for Teaching Innovation).

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This year’s Gold Key Honor Society Inductees:


Monica Apreutesei
Emelia Aragon
Katherine Asselin
Nicholette Bentz
William Blackwell Kinney
Daniel Blanchette
Andrew Bova
Xinting Bu
Madeline Carleton
Phoebe Chan
Xinyi Dai
Kadyn Darrow
Dev Dokania
Ariana Dookhran
Eitan Ehrlich
Loralai Falchick
Tatum Grell
Kaitlyn Hardy
Julia Herndon
Jillian Hetherman
Julian Huss
Basil Iacampo
Lauren Ishikawa
Christopher Jennings
Naomi Johnson
Samantha Kavich
Helene Kertanis
Vincent Kunawicz
Molly Kurpis
Lucile Lyon
Daisy Macdonald
Samson Malmoli
Briana Maniscalco
Maxwell Marte
Lauren Martens
Aubrey McConnell
Gabrielle McGovern
Mariana Merlos
Michael Minichello
Marsha Monroe
Alejandra Octavio Facci
Nora Onanian
Nina Powers
Logan Reilly
Jules Saggio
Noelle Salisbury
Sophie Severs
Jacob Shafran
Jennifer Shing
Vivi Smilgius
Madison Stromski
Clara Swart
Mia Talmadge
Ruiling Tang
Chase Taylor
Jackson Tolliver
Ekaterina Veber
Penelope Walker
Wenhao Wang
Stephanie Weber
Zoe Wiebe
Hannah Witts
Nancy Yuan


Sofonyas Alebachew
Keila Bara
Sophie Bednarsh
Lily Brown
Roberta Cantu Zaragoza
Elin Conner
Chloe Creighton
Ethan de Bruyn
Avery Dinsmore
Linnea Downs
Sydney Flaherty
Asher Gardiner
Amaya Gonzalez-Mollmann
Elisabeth Grass
Matthew Guerber
Sydney Hoffman
Hengyu Hu
Zhenjie Hu
Amanda Jacobson
Clara Johnk
Shen Li
Melina List
Riley MacMoyle
Tatum Mason
Samsha Masson
Marissa Michel
Emma Millin
Kimberly O’Donnell
Faith Pinnow
Jack Reisman
Kristina Reynolds
Jacob Robicheau
Grace Rosenberg
Annalin Schell
Prerna Sharma
Yoshiko Slater
Mimi Van Dyke
Ashlyn Wang
Logan Ware
Yihan Zhang

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