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Flynn’s New Doc Shines Projector’s Bulb on Film Collecting as Preservation

Visual & Media Arts Senior Scholar-in-Residence Peter Flynn’s new documentary Film is Dead, Long Live Film! will make its world premiere later this month.

According to PRLog, The movie “explores the vanishing world of private film collecting—an obsessive world of basement vaults piled-high with forgotten reels, inhabited by passionate cinephiles devoted to film’s rescue and preservation.”

The screening will be at the Barrymore Film Center in Fort Lee, New Jersey, which is considered the birthplace of the American motion picture industry.

I’ve always been fascinated by people and practices marginalized or omitted from official film history. Without collectors unearthing discarded treasures, much of film history would be lost. Now, time is running out. Film is decaying fast, collectors are aging, and there’s a real urgency to pass this on.


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