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Srinivas on the Butter Chicken Battle Lawsuit of Delhi: Alsiasi

Tulasi Srinivas, professor of Anthropology, Religion and Transnational Studies in the Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, spoke to Alsiasi about the lawsuit between two Indian restaurants in the country’s capital arguing over which created the very popular butter chicken dish.

If you’ve eaten Indian food, it’s very likely you’ve had butter chicken, a yummy dish of chicken cooked in a bright, tangy and silky tomato and cream sauce, often served with naan or steaming white rice.

Srinivas writes about South Asian food cultures and gastronomy, and highlighted the importance of originality in the quick-service restaurant industry.

If you want to lay claim that you’re the original creator of something, it translates into real money.

Not all sparkling wines are champagne, right?

Srinivas grew up in Delhi and visited one of the restaurants, Moti Mahal, occasionally when her parents took guests there. Srinivas described Moti Mahal to be a “middle-class luxury restaurant, famous for its smokey tandoori flavours.”

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