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Gianvito & Movie Intermissions: Yahoo Entertainment

Visual and Media Arts professor and filmmaker John Gianvito contributed to an article questioning whether movie intermissions should return to the big screen, given several Academy Award-nominated films this year have long run times.

Oppenheimer, Killers of the Flower Moon, and Anatomy of a Fall are all over two and half hours long.

Filmmakers believe “narrative flow and concentration could be lessened by a midfilm intermission unless structurally planned from inception.”

He “initially wrestled” with the decision to build an intermission into his own work.

“That said, I also knew that, provided a brief break, those who remained would likely have better concentration and engagement with the material and overall just felt more humane,” he said.

“All those involved could benefit from a bit more consideration of audience comfort if there remains hope of continuing to lure folks back into the movie theater,” Gianvito said.

Read the Yahoo piece.

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