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Youn on Factors Driving Consumers to Use AI-Powered Chatbots

Marketing Communication Professor Seounmi Han Youn co-authored an article, “Social Presence and Imagery Processing as Predictors of Chatbot Continuance Intention in Human-AI-Interaction,” which was published in the International Journal of the Human-Computer Interaction.

What technological aspects of AI-interface and what social psychological factors during Human-AI-Interaction drive consumers to continue using AI-powered chatbots? The present study aims to answer this research question by proposing relevant predictors of consumers’ intention to continue using AI-chatbots. Put differently, the current study focuses on user experience (UX) with chatbots during Human-AI-Interaction and their intention to continue using AI-powered chatbots in the context of fashion marketing and tourism marketing. 

Read the full article on Taylor & Francis Online.

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