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Comics of Color Bring on an ‘A-COC-alypse’ in Showcase

  • An actor pretended to be a judge in a skit
  • A person performs stand up
  • A person pretends on stage to be driving an Uber with two passengers
  • A person performs stand up
  • Two people sit in chairs while four people stand on stage
  • A person reaches out to another during a skit
  • The entire cast of the show on stage

Photos by Mariafernanda Cruz ’25

With skits, videos, and stand up about creepy foot doctors, murderous Uber drivers, and hot dog debates, the audience LOLed throughout the Comics of Color showcase on November 30 at the Judee. 

Host Rocky Meng ’24 donned an apron and said he would be “cooking up an ‘Acocalypse’”, which was the name of this event, as a play on Comics of Color (COC).

Then, the show kicked off with a video where the performers covered “Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths, followed by a sketch that featured Eminem, Macklemore, Jack Harlow, and Lin-Manuel Miranda talking in a group therapy session. 

Stand-up routines by J.R. Mc Lachlan ’26 and Samuel Ricot ’27 were followed up by improv bits and sketches.

This was the third Comics of Color show since Fall 2022, and as with the earlier shows, Kerri Stephenson ’24 and Alaina Reyes ’24 were executive producers, with the addition of Diogo Fernandes Tavares ’24 in the role for the first time.

“This was the first space I’d ever been in where it was only people of color creating all of the content and it was so welcoming,” Reyes said. “To be able to put this together the past two semesters has meant so much.”

The producers plan to host another COC show in the spring, and Reyes also said they are trying to make COC an Emerson-recognized organization so it continues after the seniors graduate. 

“It’s a warming feeling to be able to make art and make people laugh with people who are just like you. We want to keep the show going,” said Stephenson.

In addition to their production roles, Tavares was co-improv captain (alongside Kwezi Shongwe ’24) and Reyes was head writer. Kai Okai-Brown ’24 was marketing director.

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