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Niwa on Consequences That Students Are Facing After Blaming Israel For Violence: GBH

Journalism Associate Professor Paul Niwa spoke with GBH about the repercussions that Harvard students are facing after fully blaming Israel for Hamas’ attack, and the ensuing violence.

A group of student-led organizations released a statement voicing their opinion. That led to an outside group driving around Harvard Square with the names and photos of the students who signed the letter, calling them “Harvard’s leading antisemites.”

As a result of the statement, employers added some the students to “no hire lists” and job offers were rescinded.

Niwa said he thinks it’s unfair for employers to penalize the students because college is a time for people to find themselves, and learn how to express different opinions.

We have to understand that many of our students are on college campuses, trying to figure out their way in the world and how to present themselves. Certainly, when I was 22 years old, I didn’t have a clue who I was necessarily and how to explain who I was and what my positions were.


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