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TikTok’s Dylan Mulvaney Urges Authenticity at Emerson Orientation

TikTok personality and trans activist Dylan Mulvaney delivered the new student orientation keynote address at the Cutler Majestic Theatre on Thursday, August 31, and talked about the importance of being your authentic self.

Mulvaney discussed how she’s used her platform, and their experience as a trans and queer creator. Mulvaney provided advice on not taking yourself too seriously in college, and the importance of liking yourself before being worried about what others think.

Mulvaney, who spoke with President Joe Biden about transgender rights at the White House last fall, has 10.6 million followers on TikTok, and she discussed her experiences with brands using her more as token rather than for herself.

Check out Mulvaney’s Instagram Stories about her visit to Emerson.

Photo by Caroline Alden Photography

  • Four people on stage
  • Dylan Mulvaney, Megan Riley, and Sam Kostakis
  • Dylan Mulvaney crouches on stage
  • Dylan Mulvaney and Megan Riley
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