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Photos: Students’ #RoadtoEmerson

Everyone’s road to Emerson College is different – literally. First-year students took early morning flights, rose before the sun, shared the back seat with lots and lots of stuff, all to get to Emerson’s Boston campus.

To document their child’s path, parents and families of first-year students were encouraged to share #TheRoadtoEmerson on Facebook.

Here are some of their photos they shared.

Permission was granted to use all photos

  • Andrew Limansky
  • Alyssa F Schlaifer
  • Nathan Horwitz
  • A collage of Lila Williams
  • Tobias Roberts with lots of stuff in the car
  • Student in a car
  • A mother and daughter in the back of a car seat
  • A new Emerson student shows off stuff in the back of the car
  • Maxwell Blumenstock
  • Dashiell Alexander
  • Madison Gagner
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