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Engagement Lab’s ‘Quiet Rooms’ Highlights Realities of Youth Firearm Deaths: The Nevada Independent

The Nevada Independent highlighted Quiet Rooms,  a 20-minute documentary that is part of Emerson College Engagement Lab’s social initiative Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence. The film was screened at a recent conference at Nevada State College focused on transforming “problematic and harmful narratives” about gun violence.

The film includes six parents who shared their story of losing their children to gun violence, and that there was a lack of resources to help them process the tragedies. 

In a panel discussion that followed, Eric Gordon, professor of civic media and director of the College’s Engagement Lab, said the project addresses discrimination in inner cities over everyday gun deaths involving youth, and that national attention on gun issues is dominated by mass shootings. 

“They happen every day. It’s a perpetual problem,” Gordon said about gun deaths among youth. “And they’re mostly happening in communities of color around this country.”

Eric Gordon

The Engagement Lab’s initiative is in partnership with Mass. General Hospital’s Center for Gun Violence Prevention and the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute.

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