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Pak’s Clytaemnestra Film Reviewed and Now Streaming: New York Times & New Yorker

Visual and Media Arts assistant professor Ougie Pak’s new film, Clytaemnestra, received great reviews recently and is available to stream on the platform MUBI. The film follows rehearsals in Greece of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon by a Korean film ensemble.

The New Yorker’s Richard Brody:

To this classic story of backstage drama—and this modern story of an egotistical male artist tyrannizing his younger female colleagues—Pak brings a distilled passion and a precise and lucid style. Every image of Clytaemnestra has a spare graphic intensity to match the grandeur and the terror of the tragedy that the company is putting on, as well as the emotions that the actors are called upon to express. Pak’s dramatic conception is deft and daring, as seen in dream sequences realized with a light touch and an uninhibited directness. Pak revels in the text and the form of the play itself, emphasizing the power of the Aeschylean poetry in scenes featuring the actors in street garb (even a Hard Rock Café T-shirt) overriding the incongruous banality of household circumstances to thrust the play’s furies onto the screen with a jolting immediacy.

Read the New York Times and New Yorker reviews.

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