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Walker on Racism in Health Care: The Washington Post

Writing, Literature and Publishing professor Jerald Walker published a book review about racial inequities in health care, beginning the piece describing the treatment received when he and his wife lost their unborn child 30 years ago. Walker says the traumatic experience and their care, or lack of, would have differed had they been white.

Walker reviews Linda Villarosa’s new work “Under the Skin: The Hidden Toll of Racism on American Lives and on the Health of Our Nation.” Villarosa is a journalism professor at City University of New York.

Meticulously researched, sweeping in its historical breadth, damning in its clear-eyed assessment of facts and yet hopeful in its outlook, “Under the Skin” is a must-read for all who affirm that Black lives matter. It will be especially eye-opening for anyone who believes that wealth, education and access to quality medical services are the great equalizers, the attainable means by which Black Americans can achieve health-care parity.

Read the Washington Post review.

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