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Preparing for Ramadan with the Emerson Community

Greetings and Ramadan Mubarak to the Emerson community!

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, reflection, and community within Islam, is about to begin, and we wanted to reach out to let our community know about some invitations for those observing Ramadan, as well as some reminders and information about Ramadan for our wider campus community. 

Many campus organizations and offices such as the Muslim Student Association, Emerson International, Flawless Brown, Our Street Fair, International Student Affairs, Dining Services, and the Center for Spiritual Life are putting together Ramadan initiatives this year, and we are so grateful to each and every one of these groups for their work in making a meaningful month for all. 

For our Muslim community and those observing Ramadan, Emerson Dining will offer a halal food station (at Comfort in the Dining Hall) each evening beginning today, Friday, April 1. The station will include food for the evening iftar meal and take-away bags for morning suhoor.

Additionally, there will be Community Iftars (dinners to break the fast together) each Monday and Friday during Ramadan (starting Monday, April 4), hosted by MSA, Emerson International, Flawless Brown and Our Street Fair. They will be held in 172 Tremont Street, Room 403 at 7:00 pm. All are welcome to come!

And for students, faculty and staff who are not observing Ramadan, please be mindful that your colleagues, students, and friends may be fasting and could use your care and grace during this month! This year, Ramadan lasts from Saturday, April 2- Monday, May 2. During the month, those observing Ramadan will be fasting from sunrise to sunset. Iftar (breaking of the fast) is always in the evenings. Sunset is at 7:11 pm on April 2 (in Boston) and moves to 7:45 pm by May 2.  When possible, please avoid scheduling important academic or event deadlines around that time of day so that students can break their fast and eat. 

As we prepare for Ramadan, we are also delighted to announce the arrival of our first Muslim Chaplain here at Emerson! Our new Muslim Chaplain, Amber Hai, just had her first day on March 28, and she is eager to get to know the Emerson community! Please feel free to contact Amber at with words of welcome, questions about Ramadan or Muslim life at Emerson, or to introduce yourself!

In the coming weeks, many other world religions and traditions will observe sacred seasons such as Passover (Judaism) and Holy Week (Christianity). As always, please consult our multifaith calendar to learn about upcoming observances that members of our community may be participating in and keep an eye out for information about Passover and Holy Week here at Emerson in the coming weeks!

With gratitude,
Amber Hai, Julie Avis Rogers, Andrea Popa on behalf of the offices and organizations hosting Ramadan initiatives: Muslim Student Association, Emerson International, Flawless Brown, Our Street Fair, International Student Affairs, Dining Services, Campus Life, and the Center for Spiritual Life.

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