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Ploughshares and Emerson Contemporary Receive Mass Cultural Council Grants

Sky Hopinka, This Is The By and By, inkjet with hand-scratched text, 2019

Ploughshares and Emerson Contemporary were part of 345 cultural nonprofits to recently receive grants from the Mass Cultural Council.

Ploughshares at Emerson College received a $12,100 portfolio grant to promote significant literary works, primarily through the publication of the journal Ploughshares, and to preserve literature as a social and cultural tradition.

Emerson Contemporary received a $2,500 project grant to support the presentation of Sky Hopinka: Present Joys at the Emerson College Media Art Gallery. This project showcases the multimedia work of an indigenous filmmaker combined with virtual and in-person film screenings of a feature length documentary film, and discussions and live Q&As with the artist.

Annual grants from the MCC add to Emerson’s long tradition of educational leadership and civic and community engagement. They also help Emerson leverage funds from private donors and foundations.

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