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Stepping Up to the Mic: Making It Big Podcast Welcomes New Host

Georgette Pierre smiling, bending forward, holding mic
Georgette Pierre, MA ’09

Emerson’s Making It Big in 30 Minutes podcast is back for Season 4, with a new host: Emmy Award-winning producer, multimedia personality, and voice actor Georgette Pierre, MA ’09.

Georgette takes over the mic from host Terri Trespicio, MFA ’02, whom she interviewed in the final episode of Season 3.  She kicked off Season 4 with actress May Calamawy ’08, star of the new Marvel series, Moon Knight.

Currently based in New York, Georgette is a creative producer with her company, M.Y.S. Productions. Her podcast, Black + Nuanced, centers Black voices and the Black experience. She has worked at VH1, MTV, Nickelodeon, and various radio stations, including as local host of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show at 99Jamz in Miami. She is also the creator of two web series, #DearGeorgette and After Dark.

Emerson Today caught up with Georgette to ask about her newest gig:

What do you think is the biggest fallacy when it comes to professional success?  

That it happens overnight or you’re too old, or don’t have enough experience to start. I’m constantly checking my fears around what I think is and isn’t possible.

What about hosting Making It Big are you most excited about? 

Representing Emerson from a multi-layered identity as a Black Caribbean woman, having conversations with other dope Emersonians, and hosting a podcast again. I have my own personal podcast that I haven’t been able to get back to, so hosting Season 4 has been a great refresher.  

You guest hosted Making It Big in Season 3. Is there anything you’ll take from that experience into the host’s seat? 

Continue allowing the guest to show up as their authentic selves 

How would you describe your on-air style? 

Candid, fun, lighthearted, intentional.  

Who would your dream interview be and what would you ask them? 

I think a dream interview would be less about the person and more about how they show up in the interview. Some of my best interviews were candid conversations that didn’t feel like interviews.

One question coming to mind is “How do you actively participate in your own healing?” I’m on my own healing journey, which makes me curious as to how people are taking care of themselves. Moving with intention these days.   

What’s the most Emersonian thing you’ve ever said or done? 

We are known to be very liberal in how we live and communicate. I love a good cuss word, simply because I feel my most authentic and expressive self. For example, when I do an informational interview with an impressionable mind, I don’t mince words to say the least!

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