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Trespicio, MFA ’02 on ‘Unfollowing Your Passion’: Boston Globe

Alumna Terri Trespicio, MFA ’02 was interviewed in the Boston Globe about her new book, Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life That Matters to You (Atria, 2021)

Trespicio, who is also the host of Emerson’s Making It Big in 30 Minutes podcast, talked about the genesis of the book, the power of personal stories, and what we can learn from the octopus.

“The octopus doesn’t say, ‘Which one should I leverage?,’ ‘Which is my best egg?’ and that’s how I like to live. I like to make stuff and just put it out. The game of life is to do everything you can to give as much as you can to the world.”

Read the interview.

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