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Gerzof Richard on Facebook Pause of Instagram Kids, Research Leaked: Boston 25

Communication Studies senior affiliated faculty David Gerzof Richard was interviewed for a Boston 25 segment on the recent news that Facebook paused its rollout of Instagram Kids, after a Wall Street Journal article cited mental health issues for teen users of Instagram, and specifically young women.

Gerzof Richard says “this was not a good idea from the beginning” and cited problems with Google’s Youtube Kids, which had issues with filtering content properly.

Watch Gerzof Richard’s analysis for Boston 25 piece.

Gerzof Richard also comments in a separate interview about former Facebook employee Frances Haugen’s leak of private research, which criticizes the company for not doing enough about research showing Instagram’s negative and harmful effects on teens, and separately, misinformation.

“They decided to go with profits over what is better for the public,” Gerzof Richard said.

Watch the clip.

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