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McCormick on Building Luxury Fashion Brands: Zenger News

Marketing Communication graduate program director and Senior Executive-in-Residence Brenna McCormick shared her insights on building brands in an article that highlights the successes of Togolese college student Hogoe Elimiera Ivana Kpessou’s HK brand, and emerging Black designers Brandon Blackwood and Telfar Clemens.

“There is something really fascinating coming out of what is essentially the power of social media as it is revolutionizing the fashion world.”

She said fashion is about what we can see and what is accessible in terms of price and availability. When companies like Gucci destroy their own merchandise, it becomes less available by design, whereas HK works double time to meet demand.

Small businesses like HK should decide quickly what their business stands for: “You know what your values are, so you make sure that everything is in alignment. And then, when a big opportunity comes along, you’re in a space where you can say in your negotiations, this is why I built this business. This is what it stands for, and this is what needs to be also included in the contract,” said McCormick.

Read the Zenger News piece.

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