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TikTok Star Anania Williams ’22 on Building Content, Identity: Boston Globe

Musical Theatre major Anania Williams ’22 began a TikTok account in summer 2020 and has nearly two million followers to date and counting – how? By being funny, engaging, and most importantly, himself.

The Q&A interview touches on various subjects, including developing content, his identity as a queer man, and the pros and cons of fame.

I started making my own videos around July or August of 2020. I started making these videos that were called the “Gen Z as” series. It was just me making fun of how Gen Z acts in different occupations, like if a Gen Z-er was the President. I eventually veered off into using my own comedy. I saw something missing on TikTok that I wanted to fill, which was people being unafraid to show that they’re not okay at this moment, or that they’re not perfect.

Read the Boston Globe piece.

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