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Emersonians Deliver Globe Magazine Cover Package ‘College & COVID’

Emerson College students wrote the Globe Magazine coverage package College & COVID for the April 11, 2021 issue.

COVID has impacted the lives of college students like nothing ever seen before. And through Susanne Althoff’s Writing for The Boston Globe Magazine class, 10 Emerson students provided insight into how students’ outlooks and behaviors have forever been changed.

Althoff, assistant professor of writing, literature & publishing, and a former Globe Magazine editor, suggested the idea of the project to Globe Magazine editor Francis Storrs. The students pitched about two dozen ideas, of which 11 were selected.

“Their Emerson experiences inspired the story ideas, of course, but they made sure to reach out to a wide range of students for their reporting. They spoke to students at private and public and two-year and four-year colleges throughout the Boston area, and made sure to interview students from a variety of backgrounds and pursuing a variety of fields of study,” said Althoff. “This to me is the most impressive part — how they were able to capture such a diversity of voices and show how students are having common experiences and very different experiences. They wrote about serious topics like food insecurity and having to leave college because of a lack of money, as well as lighter subjects like dating and socializing. I think this collection of stories will be very eye-opening for Boston Globe readers.”

The students interviewed peers from numerous colleges across the Greater Boston area, including from Wellesley College, Framingham State University, Quincy College, University of Massachusetts Boston, and more.

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