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#Emtern Spotlight: Making Media at THAT

Tripp Rams sitting on graffiti covered rock
Armando “Tripp” Rams ’20

Emerson interns (#emterns) work for amazing organizations and do fascinating things. One in a series of conversations with #emterns, republished from Careerbuzz.

Technology, Humans and Taste (THAT) is a creative company in New York and Tokyo that creates by collaborating with unfamiliar voices in every medium, at every budget, for every audience. Emerson College is also a collaborative environment full of creative thinkers looking for new ways to improve the world around us, so it makes sense that Armando “Tripp” Rams ’20, an IDIP Multimedia Journalism and Design major who graduated this December, interned with THAT from June to August 2020.

How did you find out about this opportunity, and what drew you to it?

I found the job on Indeed. When the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shutdown happened, all of the internship programs I applied for had gotten canceled. I wanted to work [at] some form of magazine/digital media company like VICE, Highsnobiety, etc.

After the cancelations, I almost lost hope that I would find another opportunity, but I kept checking every few days, and saw the THAT internship. It was in marketing, which I never saw myself doing, but I applied and they got back to me relatively quickly.

What were some of your responsibilities during your internship?

THAT was opening a new originals department, starting with a documentary and moving into social media series, apps, and other forms of digital content. The team consisted of one person, who previously was a strategist and filmmaker before that. I was the other member of the team, and we worked together to create the base of what THAT Originals could be. This included a lot of research, prototyping, design, editing, concept development, etc.

What accomplishment were you most proud of during this internship?

There are a few highlights I was most proud of. First was a series that I started working on my first day. I finished editing the first episode on my last day, and I saw the entire project unfold from start to finished product.

We shot a commercial while I was there and I got to [production assistant] and shot photographs and [behind-the-scenes]. One of my photos was published – a first for me. I was especially proud of this because it made me feel more legitimate as a media creator working with some high-caliber celebrities.

Lastly, I was proud of myself when I had my exit meeting and review, and hearing the kind words from my supervisors and co-workers.

What advice do you have for people interested in this internship or opportunities similar to yours?

I would have three major pieces of advice. First, be open to any opportunity. I originally did not see myself applying for marketing positions, but it turned out to be an enormous learning experience for me as a creator.

Second, say yes to everything. The Internet can teach you how to do anything, so say yes and then do the best job you can.

Lastly, a piece of advice I received on my first day at THAT: When asked to do something, even if you do not receive adequate instructions, just do it and ask for feedback. It is much easier to provide a direction when you have something to go off of rather than asking away and doing nothing. And off of that, be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way.

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