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“Oscar Is a Man” Says Emerson Study: Variety

Executive-in-Residence Ken Grout

Variety recently reported on an Emerson study published in Trípodos, a publication of Blanquerna U. in Barcelona (a partner institution), “Oscar is a Man: Sexism and the Academy Awards,” which highlights the gender gap in Hollywood.

Communication Studies Executive in Residence Kenneth Grout said: “Our findings indicate that Oscar is a man. However, the number of nominees and winners among actors and actresses for best picture in the last three years is trending in the right direction, with three for men and two for women.”

Communication Studies senior lecturer Owen Eagan adds:

Owen Eagan headshot
Senior lecturer Owen Eagan

“This study is consistent with many other indicators regarding gender inequity in Hollywood, such as the gender pay gap. Since this isn’t a question about talent or marketability, this progress can only be achieved through systemic change.”

Read the Variety article.

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