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One Emerson: Dining on Campus


A warm welcome to those of you who started our Global BFA in Film Art this month. This is the second cohort of students to enter the program, which is offered in partnership with the Paris College of Art. Welcome to Emerson!

Given the need to de-densify spaces to ensure appropriate physical distancing, dining on campus will look and feel a little different this year. Here is some preliminary information. More details will be available soon.

Dining on Campus

Seating will be significantly reduced in all campus eateries, including the Dining Center, to ensure physical distancing and allow for appropriate cleaning and disinfecting as advised by the Centers for Disease Control.

The main dining area in the Dining Center will primarily be used as a serving location with some limited seating upstairs.

To maintain the highest level of safety, all food will be served by Dining Center staff. Food stations that used to be self-serve, such as the salad bar, pizza bar, and dessert areas, will now be staffed.

Seating will be available in several locations next to the Dining Center.

The Lion’s Den, the Max, and the Paramount Cafe will be open with reduced seating capacity.

The default meal plan for students living on campus will not be the same as last year’s default plan. It is being finalized. More information will be shared soon.

Board Bucks will be able to be redeemed with several of our dining partners that currently accept EC Cash. We are finalizing agreements and will share more information when we have it. (New students: Board Bucks come with your meal plan and can be used at campus eateries other than the Dining Center, and now with some of our alliance dining partners. EC Cash is like a debit card: You put pre-paid dollar amounts on your ID card to be used at campus eateries, laundry machines, vending machines, the Book Store, and some off-campus locations.)

Kitchens in the residence halls and in 172 Tremont will be closed for food preparation and storage, but will remain open as social gathering spaces.

Students living in the residence halls can bring a mini-refrigerator and/or microwave. Those items are also available to lease or buy from New England Student Services (NESS). Residential students should refer to the July 10 email, “Renting microwaves and/or mini-refrigerators” from for more information. Another service NESS provides for Emerson students is to receive shipped items over the summer that NESS can deliver directly to your room upon arrival.

Take care,
Jim Hoppe
Vice President & Dean for Campus Life

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