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American India Foundation Raises Funds for Migrant Communities

Trustee Raj Sharma, who is a board member of American India Foundation and Managing Director of Wealth Management and head, The Sharma Group, praised the efforts of the organization as it raised more than $2 million to support the rehabilitation efforts of India’s migrant communities in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic. To learn more, visit

Our entire New England leadership and donors were energized by this awesome media exposure. We all felt a visceral connection to the suffering of migrant workers in India as a result of this pandemic. The outpouring of support from viewers around the world was touching and powerful, and demonstrated the power of collective philanthropy. This campaign is not over yet – it goes on for two more weeks and we hope to increase our fundraising tally. NDTV plans to run two additional 30-minute segments to keep the momentum going.”

Read the India New England piece.

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