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Gerzof Richard on Trump and Twitter: NECN

Senior affiliated faculty member and BigFishPR CEO David Gerzof Richard tells NECN/NBC Boston he is “shocked” that Twitter is fact checking Donald Trump over recent tweets, including ones that Trump alleged about fraudulent mail-in ballots. Late this week, President Trump signed an executive order for social media companies that he claims will protect freedom of speech.

Every single legal scholar I’ve spoken to has said to me that there is no authority that the president, that Congress has on being able to restrict our speech because of the First Amendment.

Gerzof Richard says the real reason Trump is doing this is a strategic move for his reelection campaign: “This is mostly posturing and something that captures the headlines so we’re not talking about the 100,000 people that died in the last few months from COVID.”

View the clips (or read the text): clip one and clip two.

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