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Raynauld on Disinformation: Tech News World & Pandemic Approaches: Policy Options

Communication Studies Assistant Professor Vincent Raynauld spoke to Tech News World regarding a recent report from the London-based Institute of Strategic Dialogue. that shows far-right organizations and everyday people are using COVID-19 to spread disinformation and hate. Social media has aided in that. Raynauld says “uncertainty and fear can breed disinformation.”

There are a lot of polls out there showing that people in the United States are afraid. On top of that, we’re getting different messaging from different governments. So based on the information environment, people are very uncertain, very confused and very scared.

Read the Tech News World piece.

Raynauld also co-authored a piece that compares pandemic approaches in North America in terms of communication strategies and how politicians’ public images may be altered during this time and ahead of reelections. Read the Policy Options piece.

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