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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
HomeIn the PressMegan Marshall Reviews Book about Emily Dickinson’s Life for NYT

Megan Marshall Reviews Book about Emily Dickinson’s Life for NYT

Charles Wesley Emerson Professor Megan Marshall reviewed “These Fevered Days: Ten Pivotal Moments in the Making of Emily Dickinson,” a new work by Martha Ackmann that examines further the life of poet Emily Dickinson. The review is mixed, but Marshall appreciates the detail Ackmann brings to her analysis.

I quickly came to treasure Ackmann’s ample descriptions, her deep knowledge of the poet’s milieu, gained over the course of nearly two decades while teaching a weekly seminar to Mount Holyoke College students held at the Dickinson Homestead in Amherst, Mass. In recent years we’ve been blessed — or tormented, depending on your view — with two Emily Dickinson biopics of dubious historical fidelity, and the flagrantly fictionalized TV series “Dickinson.” “These Fevered Days” is the perfect antidote: thoroughly researched, and yet, with Ackmann’s energetic storytelling, alive.

Read the New York Times review.

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