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Michael Tucker Tells AJC Animals Are a Strategic Ad Choice

Michael Tucker, Executive-In-Residence in the Marketing Communication department, says there is a good reason businesses use animals as the figureheads for their brands. We have known animals our whole lives, and they are, quite simply, our lovable friends.

Most of us spent our earliest years cuddling stuffed animals in cribs — before we even had language skills. They were our very first best friends. We loved them and they loved us back. We watched them in cartoons and movies. Visited them at zoos. Aquariums. Petting zoos. We had live pets at home. Animals are nonjudgmental, non-racist, and give us unconditional love. Given the current ‘us vs. them’ fissure in our communities, major advertisers need a main character or brand representative that carries no baggage and will appeal across all targets and demographics. Cue the emu.

Read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article.

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