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Richard West Weighs in on Critique of Child Activists and Heroes to AP

Communications Studies professor Richard West contributed to an Associated Press article that questions whether high-profile children and teens are unfairly scrutinized and criticized for their opinions or looks. Climate activist Greta Thunberg, gymnast Gabby Douglas, and singer Billie Eilish are among the examples cited of adolescents in the limelight in recent years.

We all need to jump in. It’s not just Greta’s family. It’s not the Parkland kids’ families. It should be all of us jumping in when we see something or hear something that might be completely out of line with the values of this country, West said. We don’t have the value as a country of attacking young people who might be activists.

Read the Associated Press article and more of West’s thoughts. The piece has been republished in more than 300 outlets nationally and internationally to date.

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