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Martie Cook and Manny Basanese Share the Uniqueness of “Friends” with The Conversation

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As September is the 25th anniversary of the award-winning series Friends, founding director of the Center for Comedic Arts and professor Martie Cook and assistant VMA professor Manuel Basanese co-authored a piece for The Conversation detailing “four reasons we will why we’ll never see another show like ‘Friends.’”

The four reasons include the fact that today, there are much shorter seasons and thus less screen time, fragmented audiences due to more outlets and options, “single-cam snobbery,” and the rise of the ‘dramedy’ and the anti-hero.

Manny Basanese headshotEmerson has close ties to the show, as Kevin Bright ’76 was an executive producer and director. Both Bright and Lisa Gregorian ’83 were instrumental in bringing a replica Friends set to the Boston campus from September 19-23 for free public viewings to celebrate the anniversary.

Read more about their “Friends” insights in The Conversation piece.

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