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Jabari Asim Discusses Toni Morrison’s Legacy with WBUR’s Radio Boston and Cognoscenti

Writing, Literature, and Publishing (WLP) associate professor Jabari Asim, who is also an acclaimed author and poet, joined Globe culture writer Jeneé Osterheldt on Radio Boston to share insights on the legacy and impact of Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, who passed away earlier this week.

Asim recommends readers unfamiliar with Morrison’s work to begin with The Bluest Eye.

Listen to the segment here.

Asim also wrote a piece for WBUR’s Cognoscenti, in which he cites quotes from her works on death and dying, and closes it describing how Morrison’s legacy will live on:

I’m confident that in time some of my students will join me in relying on Morrison’s work like some folks depend on scripture. It gets me over. It gets me through.

Read the Cognoscenti piece.

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