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Poll: What Should Emerson College Name Its New Dining Facility?

Emerson College has a new dining facility in the space formerly known as Whisky Saigon. And we’re asking the Emerson community what should the college name the new dining spot?

Please vote in the poll.

This new space will feature a coffee bar and a grill (burgers, salads, etc.) and have seating for more than 200 people. Any member of the student body, faculty or staff can use ECcash, cash or credit card to purchase items from this retail location. It will be a great space for the community to connect, gather and refuel. A committee of individuals from student affairs, business services, communications, and SGA will make a final selection.

And there’s already a buzz about what to name it:

The options to vote on are:

  • The Loft
  • The Lion’s Den
  • The Guild
  • Headline Cafe
  • Sidebar Cafe
  • The Edit

So what do you think should be the new name? Please vote in the poll.

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