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Nigel Gibson on “Marxism and Freedom” to The Conversation

Nigel Gibson, associate professor for the Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, wrote an article for The Conversation, “Why ‘Marxism and Freedom’ resonates six decades on,” examining how the work relates to the state of the world today. Read the piece here.

Marxism and Freedom remains alive to me in 2019. It’s not only because we live in an age of myriad crises that threaten humanity, but the book reminds humanity to keep our ears and minds open to new and often unthinkable revolts.


In this moment of violent suppression, new forms of struggle continuously emerge and reach for a future. It is here that the ideal and the real are revealed as being not far apart: where Marx’s humanism as a living body of ideas is enlivened by real movements for freedom.

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