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Sanjay Pothen on Alexa for Business Blueprints in Amazon Blog Post

Emerson has plans to utilize Alexa for Business Blueprints to enhance student learning experiences on campus, and Director of Emerson Launch Sanjay Pothen explains in an Alexa blog post how exactly the College plans to integrate that tool.


It’s important for us to provide students with a leading edge experience both on and off campus, and Alexa for Business is going to be a big part of that. We’re trialing a concept called Voicelets whereby we’ll be using Alexa for Business Blueprints, such as Business Q&A, as well as Skill Blueprints from the Learning and Knowledge category, to create class-specific quizzes as a fun and engaging way for students to learn course materials. Because no coding is required to create private skills in this way, our professors plan to join in on the content creation!

Read the blog post.

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