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Poet Evie Shockley Q&A with Globe in Advance of WLP Readings

Photo by Nancy Crampton

Poet Evie Shockley’s Q&A for the Bibliophiles section of the Boston Globe ran in advance of her readings in conjunction with Emerson’s Writing, Literature, and Publishing Series on March 12. Shockley is the author of semiautomatic (2017), which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the LA Times Book Prize. She details what she’s reading now and works that inspire her,  such as “The Descent of Allette” by Alice Notley, a feminist epic.

On authors that create a “strong mood” for her:

Toni Morrison can do that. “Paradise” is probably my favorites. Colson Whitehead can do that. My not-so secret passion is sci-fi and fantasy, so “Zone One” hit every note for me because he was playing around with the zombie novel. I read in the sci-fi and fantasy genres but also love the literary crossovers. I love poetry that has a sci-fi feel to it like Cathy Park Hong’s “Dance Dance Revolution” and “Engine Empire,” which are both set in alternative worlds.

Read the Shockley interview on the Boston Globe website.

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