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A Message About the 2019 Super Bowl

Dear members of the Emerson Community,

This Sunday evening, the New England Patriots will challenge the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta! Whether you tune in to cheer for a team, watch the commercials, or see the halftime show, we encourage you to be thoughtful about your activities and actions both during and after the game.

While you enjoy the game, be mindful of your safety as well as Emerson’s community standards, which apply to both on and off campus activities. Please remember the importance of monitoring your behavior and your responsibility to be a good citizen and neighbor.

Both the Office of Housing and Residence Life staff and Emerson College Police Department will have additional staff on duty both during and after the game on Sunday, and the Boston Police Department will have additional officers on duty on Boston Common and throughout the city.  A special safety message from Boston Police Department Commissioner William G. Gross is attached below, which we encourage you to review.

If you are traveling through the city on Sunday afternoon or evening, please be alert to the potential for crowds as well as additional ridership demands, which can slow public transportation.  You can check for information on schedules and delays.  Additional tips from the Boston Police on rideshare safety are available here, should you travel through those means.

On campus, students are invited to join a Watch Party to view the game beginning at 6:30 pm at the Center Stage in the Dining Hall to enjoy food and community! Please visit Emerson Today or EmConnect for updates and further information about this and other events. Residential students should also check with Residence Life staff about other opportunities for group gatherings in the residence halls.

The safety and well-being of the Emerson community is our number one priority. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to OHRL or ECPD by calling 617-824-8555 for non-emergencies and 617-824-8888 for emergencies.

We hope you enjoy the game.

Jim Hoppe                                                                    Bob Smith
Vice President & Dean of Campus Life                   Chief of Emerson College Police Department


January 28, 2019

To:       Boston Area College & University Students


Dear Students,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some general information relative to the Boston Police Department’s plan for Super Bowl Sunday and ask that you take an active role in celebrating responsibly.

The Boston Police Department, in the interest of general public safety, has requested certain temporary parking and access restrictions to several locations in the city both due to the Super Bowl event. These traffic restrictions cover many streets in/around the Brighton area, Kenmore Square, Northeastern, Faneuil Hall and North Station areas. Please pay close attention to signage. Additionally, there will be restrictions on when and where people can move about on Sunday, February 3, beginning at approximately 6:00 pm. Kenmore Square is one area that will be restricted after the third quarter of play.  Boylston and Hemenway streets will be affected as well. We also want to remind you of your part in celebrating in a responsible and safe manner.

The BPD will have extra patrols monitoring license premise locations as well as those neighborhoods where we typically see an increase in activity. As always, Boston Police Department maintains open lines of communication with all local colleges and universities.  Any student behaving in a way that warrants the intervention of police because of misconduct will have their name turned over to the respective Dean of Students for appropriate discipline. Please, if you are out and about, we ask that you also pay particular attention to your surroundings, especially vehicular traffic. Do not walk with headphones on, do not wear all dark clothing, so motorists are able to see you, and walk in single file if possible for safety reasons.

Boston and its surrounding communities are fortunate to have exceptional athletic teams and the most loyal and enthusiastic fans. It is our hope that you enjoy the festivities and celebrate in a safe and responsible manner. Please remember that there will be zero tolerance for disruptive and illegal behavior. Keep in mind that you all play a role in our effort to ensure that the City of Boston is a shining example of stellar sports teams and their fans! Go Pats!

William G. Gross
Police Commissioner

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